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Heartworm Season is Here

Dara's Corner | The Monthly Meow

Heartworm Season is Here

It’s Springtime, and Heartworm Season is Upon Us

The weather is getting nice (oh yea, sun bathing), the birds are chirping (I love me some birds), the flowers are blooming (yum flowers), this all means were getting close to summer! It’s all fun and games until the ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes are out. But let’s face it, we can still see these little critters during other seasons as well. All these little bugs can infect my furry friends with diseases. One of the many diseases is called heartworm, spread by mosquitoes. Yup, just like it sounds, a worm growing in the heart. Heartworm disease can be fatal! Treatment sometimes can be difficult. Yearly testing is highly recommended because some pets may not show symptoms of having heartworm disease. To prevent such a terrible disease, there are preventatives that can be given orally or topically. Many heartworm preventatives protect my furry friends from other parasites, like intestinal worms. Please protect my friends! It’s a long treatment, expensive, and they would have to be restricted from all the fun activities they love to do. 

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