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Pet Vaccinations

Customized Vaccines for Your Pet

Vaccinating your pet is the best way to prevent some of the most serious illnesses that can infect your dog or cat. At Randhurst Animal Hospital, our vaccination programs are tailored individually for each pet. When creating your pet’s vaccination plan, we will consider lifestyle factors such as exposure to the outdoors, travel plans, breed, and health condition. These factors may change over time, so it’s best to review your pet’s vaccination plan at every wellness exam. Any information about past vaccination reactions is critical for your pet’s safety during future vaccinations, so be sure to discuss your pet’s vaccination history with our staff.

Vaccination Schedules

Our current vaccine recommendations are based on the latest veterinary research, incidences of disease in our community, and your pet’s risk of exposure. Your dog or cat will receive a series of vaccines in their first four months followed by annual boosters during their annual exam. We believe in treating our patients as individuals; because of this, our vaccine recommendations are based on what your pet would best benefit from and not just a one size fits all approach to treatment.

For a complete list of vaccination schedules for dogs and cats, please contact our office at 847-398-5800.

Customized Vaccines for Your Pet