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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Dara's Corner | The Monthly Meow

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Fall is finally here, and that means a couple of things—Halloween and candy!

As you can probably tell, the shopping malls and pet stores are stocking up with Halloween costumes. And along with the costumes comes the candy. It is important to keep your pet safe from the dangers of the Halloween festivities. Here are some tips to make sure everyone, including your pet, has a happy Halloween!

• Cats and Dogs should NEVER eat chocolate or candy. Chocolate and candy contain harmful chemical compounds that make cats and dogs very ill. The plastic components of lollipop sticks and other candy can also be dangerous to pets, potentially causing intestinal blockage or intestinal ruptures if ingested.
• Strangers in costumes can distress and provoke even the friendliest of animals to become aggressive. If your cat or dog shows signs of stress, keep your pet in a quiet place during the trick-or-treating hours.
• Candles and Jack O’ Lanterns within a pet’s range are a fire hazard. Wagging tails or frightened cats dashing through the house can easily topple over a candle or carved pumpkin, causing burns or a fire.
• The constant sounds of door knocking and door bell ringing can be stressful for many pets. Sometimes, cats and dogs will experience stress-related diarrhea or appear visibly scared and anxious. Have a safe and quiet area ready for your pet if they appear distressed.

By taking these few precautions, you can ensure that everyone will have a happy Halloween—even your pet! If your pet is experiencing an emergency, please call our office as soon as possible.

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