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Hello, my name is Dara!

Dara's Corner | The Monthly Meow

Senior Pet Care

Ok, ok….I have a secret. I am…..a senior cat. Like really senior, my already grey hair hides it well but in fact I am 15 years old. A super senior if you will. The folks around here watch me like a hawk (I did give them a cancer scare earlier this year to keep them on their toes) to keep me in tip top shape. Here are a few things they asked me to pass along! Age is not a disease!!! If I have heard them say that once I have heard it a thousand times!!! Aging is a natural process, not a disease. Just like people dogs and cats go through both physical and mental changes as they age. Most older cats sleep more than they did when they were young, and they usually sleep more deeply. They may not be able to jump quite as high. They may lose or gain weight, depending on their metabolism. Older dogs tend to lose muscle and gain fat. Many older dogs will not have the same endurance for play and exercise and they did in their youth. It’s a good idea to discuss diet and energy levels with us to avoid over-feeding and obesity. However, it’s a mistake to assume that slowing down is just age!!! It’s entirely possible that there is a treatable medical condition behind that weight loss or weight gain, not wanting to play or be petted. If you see a sudden change, it’s definitely time to come



Got a New Puppy
Dara's Blog

New Puppy

So you got a new puppy….now what? So, you just used the AAHA Canine Life Stage Calculator to determine that your dog is in the puppy stage

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Flea and Tick Image
Dara's Blog

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and Ticks It’s time to talk about those tiny uninvited houseguests, fleas and ticks. Did you know that even indoor cats, like yours truly,

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