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Veterinary Tumors

Lung Tumors, Canine

Primary lung tumors are an uncommon type of cancer in dogs, which account for less than 1% of all tumors. The median age at the time of diagnosis is between 11-12 years of age. In dogs, the rate of metastasis correlates with the type of tumor. Pulmonary adenocarcinomas tend to have a better prognosis than tumors with squamous differentiation or squamous cell carcinoma. Pulmonary adenocarcinomas have a 50% metastatic rate with the most common site of metastasis being the tracheobronchial lymph nodes or other sites within the thoracic cavity. Median survival times are typically less for dogs with primary lung tumors and tracheobronchial lymph node involvement. Other prognostic indicators involve histologic score based upon biopsy of the mass and detection of clinical signs at the time of diagnosis. Patients with well-differentiated adenocarcinomas and patients that are asymptomatic have improved survival times. In one study, another prognostic indicator was tumor size with tumors less than 3 cm having improved survival times compared to dogs having tumors greater than 5 cm. When possible, surgical removal of the lung mass is recommended if the tumor is solitary and there are no obvious lymph node metastases. A CT scan is often recommended prior to surgery to evaluate for evidence of additional masses, tumor spread, and to determine if the mass is amenable to surgery. Chemotherapy may be administered to help slow down the progression of the disease and slow down the development of tumor spread.


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