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Veterinary Tumors

Histiocytic Sarcoma, Canine

Histiocytic sarcoma is a type of cancer that can affect multiple organs in dogs. Bernese Mountain dogs are genetically prone to developing this particular cancer. Flat coated retrievers are also predisposed to developing this cancer type. Histiocytic sarcoma has a high metastatic rate (over 90%) or high likelihood of disease spread. Common sites for tumor spread include the spleen, abdominal lymph nodes, liver, omentum, mesentery, and lungs. Other sites that can be affected include the central nervous system, including brain, spinal cord, etc. and bones. CCNU (Lomustine) chemotherapy is the primary treatment for this disease and is administered orally as a single agent every 2-3 weeks and has shown the best efficacy for patients with histiocytic sarcoma. Steroids may also be started to help with the secondary inflammation associated with this disease. Our goal with the chemotherapy is to help slow down the progression of the disease, but does not generally provide a cure. In most cases, survival times are usually approximately 4-8 months even with chemotherapy due to the aggressive nature of this disease. Without chemotherapy, the overall prognosis is typically less than 1-2 months.


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