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Veterinary Tumors

Insulinoma, Canine

Insulinomas are rare tumor types that arise from the pancreas in dogs. In humans, most insulinomas are benign. However, in dogs, the majority are classified as malignant. If surgery is a possibility and the patient survives the post-operative period, survival times range from 12-24 months if there is no evidence of metastatic disease. Another option is medical management and we typically start with prednisone steroid, then Diazoxide to help control the glucose levels. Median survival times with medical management alone in patients that respond may be as long as 12-18 months, but in patients that are refractory to the treatments, survival times are typically less than 6 months. Other medical options are Octreotide and intravenous chemotherapy with Streptozotocin. However, we do not suggest Streptozotocin as a primary/initial treatment option due to the severe nephrotoxicity (kidney failure) and vomiting that this particular agent may induce.


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